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Through life, we should be transformed and impacted by people sent to us. Our main goal is to help people grow and come out transformed and made new through guidance and encouragement. Through life experiences we want others to experience the same victory that we have by being there for one another and helping individuals use the tools they already have and equipping them to become whole and complete with themselves.

I have known Shannon for about 14 years. During that time as her friend and mentor in Christ, I have seen Shannon bloom and grow in her faith and walk with the Lord. Shannon strives to walk out her faith daily and leads by example to those around her. Her hunger and passion for the word and to share her faith are ever-present. She is always available for prayer and counseling and for Godly Christian insight when needed. She has dropped everything to come over and pray with me during difficult times in my life. I can depend on her as a Godly friend and a sister in Christ to walk alongside me and to build me up. She is readily available whenever I call upon her no matter what time of the day or hour. Shannon is a woman who strives for excellence in her life and who has met her own life's challenges. She is a devoted mother and instills them with the Word of God and teaches them to be men of faith. She leads her children by example. Shannon has been a loyal and selfless friend and it has been my pleasure to see her bloom and grow in her walk with the Lord

Denise Paulus

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