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Shannon Sinnett
Experienced Counselor, Pastoral, and Coach Professional


My greatest passion is to bring healing to individuals. I am dedicated to helping individuals gain wisdom, and knowledge and bringing restoration, healthiness, strength, and unity to relationships. The most significant thing to me is to help others self-evaluate and to find healthy, positive perspectives of themselves. Through recognition and past hurts, individuals can recognize their triggers and life stressors and learn to have better response mechanisms in life. I am loyal, dedicated, compassionate, and persevere through life challenges with my clients. Through education and life experiences, I am dedicated to helping my clients, including children, adults, and families, to achieve and overcome life challenges, and to be restored to completeness, wholeness, and unity. I know through my own life experiences that two are always better than one. My approach allows for comfortability, vulnerability, and trust. I want to help bring the light to depression, fear, addiction, anxiety, and clients by providing my clients with the greatest encouragement, feedback, and, coping skills, which will allow the quickest relief possible. I am driven and dedicated to helping clients find

solutions to their problems.

Education/ Credentials

  • Liberty University-Master In Divinity-Continuing work experience with, teens, adults, and the elderly (Life Coach Certified).

  • Master's Degree in counseling Malone University -Continuing 

  • Bachelors Degree in Business Malone University (27 years of my own Business with a wide diverse population).

  • Associates of Technical Studies in Public Service Major Stark State University

About Me

Jessie Michelle

Deliverance and Helping others Establish Wholeness

I am a dedicated compassionate life coach. Through struggling with my own obstacles and helping others with their own life journey, I have experienced building healthy relationships, recovery from alcoholism, illness, mental health, discipleship, and families that are dysfunctional. I am the one who stands in the gap for others. Relationships are my specialty, I am a strong advocate and a person who is loyal and consistent with my clients. I specialize in deliverance and encouragement for others to persevere through life and trials. I help others establish a vision over their lives and settle disputes. As a professional life coach, I am competent in all areas and I am great with teenagers and youth. Building others up is my specialty and helping them establish and use their tools to accomplish strength in areas they are weak.

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